The 2018 Career Planner Workbook for the 21st Century Lawyer

Not interested in a coaching package? Feel free to purchase this workbook and do the work on your own! You may contact Lawyer Coach Paulette at a later date if you change your mind about working together. 

The 21st Century Lawyer likes to be on top of their career planning! This Career Planner Workbook was designed for the 21st Century Lawyer to look back at 2017 and plan ahead for 2018. It is a popular item among clients of and ambassadors for the Creative Choices™ technique, and gets updated each year!

The workbook contains over 10 exercises. These exercises will help you assess your accomplishments — both professionally and personally - even though some days it doesn't feel like you have any.  It will also help you set goals for 2018. This is not about setting New Year’s resolutions. 

This workbook is designed for lawyers. It is 82 pages in length, with a 52-week day planner for 2018. Print out the workbook and fill in the worksheets. Like most things, more input gets you more output.

"The workbook is excellent - I wish I had it earlier in my career!"

Senior Counsel, Ontario Public Service

$25 + HST

The last three days of interviewing have been a whirlwind but I couldn’t be happier with the result. Thank you SO much for everything. I honestly could not have done this without you.end-quote

- Katrina (on landing articles)

What work would
          make me happy?
How do I find work
    in a tough market?
I finished my articles
          - now what?
How do I excel
                 at my job?
What is my
     personal brand?
How do I prepare
      for a maternity
How do I better
  manage workplace