What To Do When Your Search For A First-Year Position Isn't Working
Are you having trouble finding a first-year associate position now that you are called to the Bar? You are not alone.

There are plenty of smart new-calls who struggle with finding jobs. Why is this? Many times, they don’t know how to look for work. Most have never been taught how to find a job in law school.

This 12-page e-guide is designed to help you diagnose where you might be stuck, provide practical tips to help you get unstuck and move you forward towards landing your first job as a lawyer!

"I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that I purchased the e-guide yesterday and I absolutely love it. I especially appreciate the My Ideal Associate Position sheet and the checklist. I believe that taking a moment to think about what you really want is half the battle." Litsa Katsoulias, lawjobexchange.ca

How to Look For a Job While You Still Have One, Then Leave Gracefully!
One of the best times to look for a new job is when you already have a job. Currently-employed jobseekers are perceived to be more desirable by some hiring managers than unemployed jobseekers.

Yet there are drawbacks to searching for a new job while you’re still in your old one. The biggest concern is if your current employer finds out you’re looking. 

This 19-page guide contains:
  • 13 tips to not get noticed on LinkedIn (including screen shots)
  • 20 do's and don'ts to conduct your confidential job search
  • Practical information on how to leave your job and write a resignation letter.

The Associate's Guide to Creating a Portfolio of Accomplishments
Every year, associate lawyers are evaluated on their progress in the workplace. 

Every year, many associates fail to put forth the best case possible of their accomplishments because they can't remember the details of their past work. 

If your workplace doesn't engage in performance evaluations, tracking your own accomplishments is even more important. Accomplishments demonstrate your skills and experience. They also help support promotional opportunities, job security and a bonus. 

This 22-page guide will help you create your own portfolio of accomplishments!

2018 Career Planner Workbook for the 21st Century Lawyer
The end of a year always comports a time of reflection: "Am I happy with my job? What did I accomplish? 

This Career Planner Workbook is designed to guide you in taking a look back at 2017 and looking ahead to 2018. Most important, it will help you identify, define, and clarify your personal and professional goals. 

This workbook contains over 10 exercises. These exercises will help you assess your accomplishments — both professionally and personally - even though some days it doesn't feel lik you have any.  It will also help you set goals for 2018. This is not about setting New Year’s resolutions. 

This workbook is designed for lawyers. It is 82 pages in length, with a 52-week day planner for 2018. Print out the workbook and fill in the worksheets.  Like most things, more input gets you more output.

"The workbook is excellent - I wish I had it earlier in my career!!" Senior Lawyer

Paulette Pommells is an exceptional coach, business advisor and a reliable source of information for both personal and professional know-how and growth.  Paulette has helped me to think and to act strategically and pragmatically.  Over the last few years, I have undergone so many changes and transitional processes in my law practice.  Paulette helped me more than I could've imagined.  She made charts after charts to distill the message of my brand.  She fine-tuned the planning and execution of my practice management.  She also edited and re-edited the final draft of my bio for my website.There is no other coach who comes close to Paulette.  She has the gift of insight and foresight;  the force of soft compulsion; not to mention, a caring and sweet voice.end-quote

- Jane Huh
Dickson MacGregor Appell LLP

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