Law Students

Law students have so much pressure on them these days. The job market is increasingly competitive and prospective employers expect a more polished presentation from candidates. Check out this video Lawyer Coach Paulette did for the Canadian Bar Association on how to improve your job search as a law student: 

Lawyer Coach Paulette has designed the following accessible packages to bring out the best of you throughout the job search process!
1. Creative Choices™ - From the Study of Law to the Practice of Law
As a law student, there is so much to prepare for beyond exams:  How do I find an articling position? Is the OCI process for me?  How do I prepare for the OCI process?  Working with Lawyer Coach Paulette in this package will include:
  • An assessment of your strengths to be able to develop your authentic brand 
  • Understanding your career goals and options, and what you are looking for 
  • Tapping into the hidden job market using technology and an easy step-by-step process contained in two booklets
  • Weekly emails with articling or summer student job postings curated from around Ontario 
  • A review of your résumé and 1 cover letter with her certified résumé strategist skills so your message is communicated clearly and pops
  • Preparation for interviews using her Interview Preparation Guide and Pre-Interview Interactive Worksheet
  • 4 hours of coaching workshops (by telephone or in-person) over the course of 4 months and unlimited email access between each workshop.
 $300 + HST per month (4 months)

2. Creative Choices™ - Résumé and Cover Letter Review
Want to stand out with your application materials? Lawyer Coach Paulette is a certified résumé strategist, and she will:
  • Elicit what sets you apart by using a strengths assessment
  • Review your résumé and one cover letter so that your message is clear and any potential barriers are dealt with appropriately
  • Show you how she deconstructs a job ad to craft your career documents strategically and in a compelling way. 
$600 + HST

3. Creative Choices™ - Interview Preparation
Did you get an interview at which you want to shine? Working with Lawyer Coach Paulette, you will:
  • Confirm your strengths with an assessment so you can articulate what sets you apart
  • Practice answering and asking questions with her Interview Preparation Guide so you feel comfortable talking about yourself and are prepared to deal with any "elephants in the room"
  • Be able to answer questions about "fit," and behavioural scenarios using Problem-Action-Results
  • Work with a Pre-Interview Interactive Worksheet so you have a systematic way of researching each prospective employer
  • 1.5 hour workshop (by telephone or in-person).
 $275 + HST

Thanks for reviewing my application materials! Wow, I really mean it Paulette when I say you are a gifted writer!!  My materials again look even better than before. I really appreciate your help. end-quote

- Senior Public Lawyer

What work would
          make me happy?
How do I find work
    in a tough market?
I finished my articles
          - now what?
How do I excel
                 at my job?
What is my
     personal brand?
How do I prepare
      for a maternity
How do I better
  manage workplace