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Lawyer Coach Paulette

Paulette was faced with a professional dilemma years ago: She had become a “successful” Bay Street lawyer, yet something didn’t feel right to her. What did she do?  Paulette engaged the services of a coach to explore her career options.

Check out the video that captures the song co-written by Paulette and local musician Roger Gibbs to celebrate her 10 year anniversary. It chronicles her career transition…


In 2010, Paulette left a comfortable job to boldly launch a coaching practice that engages lawyers exclusively. Becoming a coach herself was an exciting opportunity. Paulette had always considered herself a “coach.” More importantly, she recognized a need for more creativity in her life. That is how Creative Choices™ started.

While still practicing, Paulette became a trained coach and mediator, and learned to play the guitar. These creative endeavours gave Paulette an appreciation for process.

Paulette continued to study other processes of interest. From conflict management and non-defensive communication to painting and improvisational acting, Paulette experienced the elegance of breaking down a concept into bite-size pieces for maximum learning.


As her coaching practice evolved, it became clear to Paulette that her process was assisting clients to make bite-size decisions towards a bigger goal. Paulette realized that, at its core, she was slowing down the thinking patterns of her clients so that they could assess their thoughts.  Not only did she observe increased confidence and motivation in her clients, she witnessed each one of them crafting solutions and plans that she could not have foreseen or made up herself!
Over time, Paulette simplified her coaching process and assessed it against business design models. With a fresh perspective came a moment of clarity:  success depends on the quality of choices.  Paulette recognized that her process engages clients to create choices that align with their values, strengths and aspirations.  This is how authentic brands are developed and realized.

Highly Referred

Today, Creative Choices™ is a sought-after technique by lawyers, law students, law schools and law firms when faced with professional challenges of all kinds. Paulette is invited to speak annually at law schools across Ontario to share her insights into navigating a hidden job market search in the 21st century. Her work has been featured in Canadian Lawyer magazine, the Canadian Bar Association and the Ontario Bar Association.
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