Acting Like January Never Happened

If you were like me, I was filled with energy and momentum at the top of the year. But then new public health measures took effect and online learning for schools kicked in overnight. I felt like the wind was knocked out of me.

One thing I’m grateful for was that I had already begun working on my goal-planning for the year. It took longer than I had expected, but I’m happy that I didn’t succumb to temporary circumstances and kept looking forward to a better future.

Here are three reasons why I believe it’s not too late to plan your goals for 2022:

  1. You can write off January (like you do billables) and hit the reset button!
  2. There’s still plenty of 2022 left for you to implement your goals.
  3. You’re a lawyer; working around the rules is what you do!!

I’m here if you need help planning your goals. I make an excellent partner and will accelerate the process for you. If you like working on your own, consider my Career Planner – it will take you through a series of progressive exercises and will help keep you accountable by forcing you to record your thoughts.

2022 is not over yet.

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