Coaching Packages for Law Students

“The last three days of interviewing have been a whirlwind but I couldn’t be happier with the result. Thank you SO much for everything. I honestly could not have done this without you.”

– Katrina (on landing articles)

Law students have so much pressure on them these days. The job market is increasingly competitive and prospective employers expect a more polished presentation from candidates. Check out this video Lawyer Coach Paulette did for the Canadian Bar Association on how to improve your job search as a law student:

Lawyer Coach Paulette has a wealth of experience coaching law students for success in their job search for summer and articling positions.  Many law schools hire her to teach their students how to conduct a hidden job search.

Lawyer Coach Paulette has designed the following one-on-one coaching packages to bring out the best of you throughout the job search process.  She can also design a program to suit your specific needs!

As a law student, there is so much to prepare for beyond exams:  How do I find an articling position? Is the OCI process for me?  How do I prepare for the OCI process?  Working one-on-one with Lawyer Coach Paulette over 4 months in this package will include:

  • Understanding your career goals and what you are looking for
  • Assessing your strengths to create a strong foundation for your search and develop an authentic brand
  • Tapping into the hidden job market using a sophisticated networking approach while following an easy step-by-step process contained in two booklets
  • Updating your résumé (to make it ATS friendly) and creation of one cover letter (in response to a job posting or particular opportunity) with her certified résumé strategist skills so your message is communicated clearly
  • Role playing for interview preparation using her library of guides and audio feedback; creating and refining content for interview responses and questions
  • A variety of practical guides for your career development
  • A one-on-one session with Lawyer Coach Paulette per month and unlimited communication throughout the engagement


Want to stand out with your application materials? Lawyer Coach Paulette is a certified résumé strategist, and she will:

  • Update the look and content of your résumé (to make it ATS friendly)
  • Use expert formatting and design techniques to make your material eye-catching (while remaining within industry standards)
  • Create a cover letter in response to a job posting or particular opportunity and show you her unique system for drafting cover letters
  • Ensure your message is clear and compelling, and that any potential barriers are dealt with appropriately
  • Elicit what sets you apart by using a strengths assessment
  • Provide you with a variety of practical guides for your career development
  • Explain the strategy behind your materials during a 30-minute call so you can learn the skill yourself!


Did you get an interview at which you want to shine? Working one-on-one with Lawyer Coach Paulette over 1-2 sessions, you will:

  • Have access to her exclusive interview preparation guides, which will give you a systematic way of researching each interviewer and formula for providing persuasive answers
  • Practice storytelling and answering/asking questions so you feel comfortable talking about yourself while being prepared to deal with any “elephants in the room”
  • Confirm your strengths with an assessment so you can articulate what sets you apart
  • Be able to answer questions about “fit,” and behavioural scenarios using proven methods
  • Have access to her by email throughout and until the completion of your interview, along with a follow-up call to ensure you’re on track for success
  • Receive an audio recording of the workshop

Fees ranging from $670+HST to $870+HST

Schedule a 30-minute complimentary call

with Lawyer Coach Paulette to learn more about one of her Creative Choices™ coaching programs or to design one that suits your needs!