How My New-Found Hobby Deepens My Appreciation As A Coach

I had a revelation recently while taking photos on a walk in the rain…

I discovered that I enjoy taking close ups of subjects. But there’s more.

I’ve learned that surrounding values have an impact on how the value of a subject is perceived. Think grey ball with a white background vs. grey ball with a black background. Even though the grey ball is the same, the perceived value is different because of the value around them.

Therefore, the contrast in value is important in how the subject is perceived.

My favourite subject to capture up-close is flowers, especially during spring. The surrounding values (from an untrained perspective) aren’t the greatest. It can be wet, gloomy and cold. I’ve come to appreciate, however, that these are often the best conditions to take photos!

This made me think of my coaching practice. Clients often show up feeling wounded, hurt, tossed about by the practice of law (and sometimes life).

My goal is always to help showcase their beauty in spite of surrounding circumstances, like the photos I take.

I take the time to learn about their background and experiences. I zoom in on each person’s strengths and who they are at their best. I understand that, sometimes, what’s happened in life/practice impacts how they show up to me. I don’t judge. I just try to find the humanity in their circumstances, their beauty – a close up photograph that is worthy of being metaphorically displayed for all the world to see.

How do your hobbies help you?

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