Outplacement Coaching

“I chose this course out of two options for career coaching offered to me after I wasn’t hired back, and I’m so glad I made the right choice! Paulette has a unique approach to coaching and offers wonderful online materials…Furthermore, since they were online, I could go back and review them at any time I wanted. I ended up getting my first job as a lawyer one month after my call to the bar. Lawyer Coach Paulette really knows how to work with young lawyers and I would highly recommend her!”

– NK

The following are offerings that can be expanded or contracted to meet your budgetary needs, and can range from a 3-month, 6-month or 12-month program:

  • Professionalism Hours accredited by the Law Society of Ontario
  • An assessment of the lawyer’s personal values and strengths to be able to develop their personal brand as well as to digest any feedback they receive from the firm
  • Developing a personal wellness plan to manage the stress of a job search and the fact of being let go
  • Understanding the lawyer’s career goals and options to then ultimately craft a job ad of their own
  • Tapping into the hidden job market using technology and an easy step-by-step process contained in two manuals
  • A résumé and cover letter review using proven techniques to deconstruct a job ad
  • Preparing for interviews using 4 guides and audio feedback of mock interviews
  • A LinkedIn critique to attract the attention they want, plus access to over 7 guides that will help them either set up a LinkedIn account or maximize their LinkedIn account
  • Additional guides include Securing References, Online Reputation Management, Managing ATS, Working With Recruiters, and How to Compare Job Offers
  • Unlimited email access between each workshop

Since 2010, articling students have consistently chosen to work with Lawyer Coach Paulette to land their first job as a lawyer. Her exclusive process is now available in a unique outplacement program that combines online coaching with one-on-one coaching.


Your students will have access to comprehensive resources at a critical time in their career with the support they need!


The following is an example of offerings that is popular among law firms this year, and can be expanded or contracted to meet your budgetary needs:

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