“With the previous version of my résumé, I would maybe get interviews for 40% of the jobs I applied for and with yours it was easily more than 80%. And thinking more about story telling (adding, “for example” when I was talking about my experience) clearly made a difference, because when I started doing that, I started getting 2nd and 3rd interviews.”

– Litigator who transitioned practice areas

“Thank you for all of your help in making me more confident and prepared for articling applications and interviews! I am thrilled to say that I have been offered a position. I am super excited to continue my journey in an area of law that I am passionate about! I could not have done it without your help.”

– Danielle on landing her first choice articles in the second semester of Law III

“Thanks again for all your encouragement and support, Paulette. Working with you has been immensely helpful in helping me identify and plan my career goals.”

– Lawyer on landing her number one choice for an employer!

“Thank you so much again for your help. I think your assistance with strengthening my responses to important interview questions really helped me, so I could not have done it without you. I am so appreciative! :)”

– Happy Client (Articling Recruit 2018)

“The last three days of interviewing have been a whirlwind but I couldn’t be happier with the result. Thank you SO much for everything. I honestly could not have done this without you.”

– Katrina (on landing articles)

“I chose Paulette’s services out of two options for career coaching offered to me after I wasn’t hired back, and I’m so glad I made the right choice! She has a unique approach to coaching and offers wonderful online materials, which were really helpful in preparing my applications and getting ready for interviews. Furthermore, since they were online, I could go back and review them at any time I wanted. These materials were supplemented by my one-on-one sessions with Paulette, where she helped me gain a better understanding of both myself and what I wanted out of my legal career in the short- and long-term. I ended up getting my first job as a lawyer one month after my call to the bar. Paulette really knows how to work with young lawyers and I would highly recommend her!”

– New-Call

“I would like share my deep thanks for Paulette and her amazing work that she has done with me in the last few months.  My firm hired her to assist with improving client retention rates and understanding possible causes and come up with solutions.  Paulette was insightful, thought outside the box and provided a holistic approach to the obstacles at hand.  Her ideas were not cookie-cutter but rather a blend of her own knowledge, experience as a lawyer herself and refreshing imagination.  The results that occurred after completing the journey with Paulette were off the charts.  I still use the methodology that I incorporated with Paulette and it is helpful in so many ways. I strongly endorse Paulette to anyone looking to reassess their law practice and find ways to overcome obstacles and deepen their understanding of how their practice can be improved. Paulette, you exceeded all expectations and I wish you strength and success to be able to help more lawyers and professionals as you helped me.”

– DF

“I have two of my top four choices for in-firms, and three other in-firms. Thanks for your help again, I certainly don’t think I would have done well without your help.”

– 3L Student

“Practical suggestions for how to approach both making a change and assessing yourself.”

– CBA Online Course Participant
Moving Up, Changing Gears, and Redefining Yourself: Pivotal Career Moments for Lawyers

“I most liked Paulette’s presentation personality and her creative and solution-oriented approach!”

– CBA Online Course Participant
Moving Up, Changing Gears, and Redefining Yourself: Pivotal Career Moments for Lawyers

“I got the job! I’m so pleased and excited!! I would not be where I am today without you and I can’t thank you enough! I will definitely refer you to all my law friends, and my boyfriend and I will 100% use your services in the future. You are so talented!”

– Happy Client

“I would highly recommend Paulette as a coach. I am a lawyer by training and have worked in Canada and abroad, mainly for the public service, in various capacities. I had come to a point in my career/position where I felt like there was no further room or support for growth and advancement. My motivation waned. I also yearned to pursue other long-held interests that I had been unable to explore for various reasons, including family responsibilities. Paulette is a knowledgeable professional who demonstrates a passion for coaching. She is also quite insightful, highly organized, genuinely caring and an empathetic listener. When I would go off track at times, she would effectively remind me of my values, goals and other pertinent information that I had shared during previous sessions to provide me with perspective/the big picture. She guided and shared helpful resources for consideration as opposed to impose her opinions. When I had to prepare for interviews, particularly a recent one that resulted in me securing an amazing job, she made herself available to support me within tight time constraints. Her confidence in my abilities and support  throughout the two years or so that I have known her have been greatly appreciated. Thanks Paulette!”

– Public Policy Professional, Ontario Public Service

“Thank you so much for your interviewing advice, it really helped me to stand out from the other candidates!”

– Adam

“After four years of private practice, a year off working, I can finally say that my legal career is headed in the right direction. My current job is in alignment with my values, personality and abilities. I get excited when thinking about future career opportunities. This is a far cry from where I was two years ago. I can attest to Paulette’s ability in guiding someone who is open to change into a new career path. I highly recommend Paulette and look forward to working with her again!”

– Lawyer Using Degree in Non-Traditional Way

“Thanks again for your help! I can’t believe with only one hour of coaching services I got 2 job offers immediately!”

– L.J.
Litigation Associate

“So…. I ended up getting the job! Thanks for all your help. Your tips came in handy during the interview.”

– Law Student

“I’ve just been offered an OCI interview, well ahead of the OCI notification date! I think that’s a good sign for the rest of my applications and for the importance of your services with Creative Choices™! Thank you for all of your help!”

– Law Student

“I was only able to get this far because of your help. You were fantastic!”

– Luis Chacin, LL.B., LL.M.
NCA Graduate

“WOW! I read it and thought, “that’s me!” This is the first time that my résumé accurately describes what I have done and truly captures the uniqueness of my experiences. This is very exciting for me.”

– Articling Applicant

“I got 3 offers!! I can’t thank you enough for all your help throughout the articling application and interview process. I will continue to sing your praises and refer people your way!”

– Law Student

“In truth, I borrowed your networking strategies and set up meetings with different lawyers, asking them the questions you sent me. I did not ask the lawyer who eventually offered me an articling position for a job, but he called me up at a later date and asked whether I had done my articling and he offered me the position…and to my surprise, it is also well-paid!!”

– Internationally Trained Lawyer

“Paulette Pommells is an exceptional coach, business advisor and a reliable source of information for both personal and professional know-how and growth.  Paulette has helped me to think and to act strategically and pragmatically.  Over the last few years, I have undergone so many changes and transitional processes in my law practice.  Paulette helped me more than I could’ve imagined.  She made charts after charts to distill the message of my brand.  She fine-tuned the planning and execution of my practice management.  She also edited and re-edited the final draft of my bio for my website.There is no other coach who comes close to Paulette.  She has the gift of insight and foresight;  the force of soft compulsion; not to mention, a caring and sweet voice.”

– Jane Huh
Dickson MacGregor Appell LLP

“I wanted to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for your always, insightful advice and guidance.  The post-articles job search is a stressful experience, and I feel very lucky to have met you during this time.  You are an amazing coach!!”

– Miriam Anbar
Rodney Employment Law

“I appreciate all of your support and good ideas and the way you are able to find patterns and  tie together various events and ideas into something meaningful. You have a great talent.”

– Owner
Small Firm

“I wanted to thank you for everything you have done to help me get to this point – thank you for your creative and thoughtful approach to my career and for all your time.  Without you, I don’t think I would have gotten this interview or position. Working with you gave me hope when I was struggling to hold onto it while immersed in a challenging work environment. I don’t think I can thank you enough.  You made such a difference to my career and my life.”

– Junior Litigator

“Your coaching has truly helped provide me with a different perspective on this career journey I am on, for which I am extremely grateful. After each session, the impossible seems more possible.”

– Litigator

“Thank you for all your help and guidance throughout the process. I strongly believe that your support and assistance has helped me to learn more about myself and it will help me grow both personally and professionally.”

– Litigation Associate

“I contacted Paulette after attending a workshop she hosted at my law school.  I was very impressed with her innovative approach to self-branding and reached out to her prior to the articling recruit. I am so glad that I did! Paulette was a valuable resource, offering both guidance and support. She helped me assemble a strong application package that resulted in me having a full slate of articling interviews. She then worked with me to develop my interviewing skills in a manner that incorporated my values and most-importantly felt-true to me. Prior to contacting Paulette, I had received a fair number of interviews for summer positions and was consistently told that I was the firm’s #2 candidate. During my articling interviews—following my coaching sessions with Paulette—I was both complemented on my interviewing style and presented with multiple offers of employment. I am convinced that Paulette’s coaching made the difference! Thank you Paulette for your patience, support, and assistance in helping me become the best interviewing version of myself. Your coaching sessions helped me build my self-confidence in a way that wouldn’t have been possible without you. Thank you for all your help!”

– Articling Student

“I got the job!! I am SO excited. You have been such a great resource during this journey. I would not have been able to hone in on what career path was best for me or how to go about landing my dream job without your guidance and advice. Thank you so much. You are truly gifted at what you do!”

– Junior Lawyer

“I certainly could not have made it through the past 6 months without your coaching and support.  You are excellent at what you do, and your coaching was exactly what I needed to have the strength and courage to take the leap.  It is like I said a few months ago, I always feel so empowered after our sessions!  Thank you, Paulette.”

– Partner, Bay Street Firm

“Thanks for reviewing my application materials! Wow, I really mean it Paulette when I say you are a gifted writer!!  My materials again look even better than before. I really appreciate your help.”

– Senior Public Lawyer

“Before Creative Choices™ helped me with my cover letter, I had gotten 1 interview after about 60 applications. After the cover letter changes, I got 6 interviews off of 16 applications.  The impact was almost instant. All of the firms told me I had a very compelling cover letter.  Thanks again!”

– Lawyer

“Creative Choices™ provided me with sound guidance that strongly propelled my legal career. Given the “articling crisis”, I found it very difficult to secure a student position. With Lawyer Coach Paulette’s direct coaching, I landed my desired articling position within days. I benefited from her solid knowledge of substantive law and her very personalized approach to coaching. None of my concerns or questions were ever met with boilerplate answers. Instead, her responses gave me “creative choices” that were specifically crafted to my abilities, goals, and interests. Further to this, she fostered my confidence and helped me to determine what elements of my experience would be desired in this difficult legal industry. As I move into the next chapter of my legal career, I will certainly obtain her services again.”

– Tanya Howell, Articling Student
Crown Law Office Civil at Ministry of the Attorney General

“I have known Paulette for many years, as my colleague and trusted friend.  Paulette is truly gifted in helping one to view conflicts and situations from broader and more functional perspectives.  I value Paulette’s guidance and have no hesitation in recommending her services to other lawyers and professionals who are looking to improve their practices and their lives.”

– Catherine Moreau
Complaints Resolution Counsel, LSUC

“Paulette assisted me to evaluate my career options when I had met a fork in the road. She is a wonderfully warm-hearted, talented and experienced lawyer and career coach with a knack for reading people and providing excellent guidance tailored to each individual client. She was very generous with her time, and she truly listened to my needs and goals. She pointed out to me several options I hadn’t thought of, and made valuable, practical suggestions about my applications. I would work with her again in a second, and I highly recommend her services.”

– Megan Nicholls
Litigation Associate

“Recently, I contacted Paulette for her assistance in tweaking my résumé to make it stand out for upcoming articling applications. Her coaching gave my résumé the ‘edge’ that it needed. She made it her mission to help rework the layout, and content to reflect authentically my skills and experiences. To do this she utilized a unique brainstorming process to transpose my thoughts onto paper. I especially liked how Paulette used a white board during our session as a visual map to facilitate improving word choices and recalibrate the résumé structure. An exceptional quality of the service is that this was not merely an editing task where the client is disengaged. Most importantly, Paulette empowered me by ensuring my involvement at every step in a collaborative approach. Paulette’s significant experience within the legal industry and her creative approach to problem-solving helped me produce a résumé of which I am truly proud.”

– Articling Student Candidate

“I got the raise I wanted/expected.  Thanks for the excellent coaching!”

– Lawyer
Small Firm