The 21st Century Law Firm Invests in Their Lawyers

“My firm hired her to assist with improving client retention rates and understanding possible causes and come up with solutions. Paulette was insightful, thought outside the box and provided a holistic approach to the obstacles at hand. Her ideas were not cookie-cutter but rather a blend of her own knowledge, experience as a lawyer herself and refreshing imagination. The results that occurred after completing the journey with Paulette were off the charts.”

– DF

Personal branding is not about creating an artificial image for the outside world. It is about understanding one’s unique value proposition, and using that to connect with clients and co-workers. Many junior lawyers don’t think they have one, but they already do! It’s just a matter of uncovering why they do the things they do in the way they do them.

With monthly coaching workshops (by telephone or Zoom) over a period of 3, 6 or 12 months, your lawyers will:

  • Discover the wealth of social science data that supports personal branding and how it can be used in the legal profession
  • Be guided through a fun and thought-provoking exercise to articulate their own unique value proposition
  • Learn to use their values as a compass to guide their career and even attract the business they want
  • Walk away with “content” to build and promote their professional profile
  • Have a fresh perspective to approach their work, client relationships and marketing efforts
  • Attract Professionalism Hours from the Law Society of Ontario

If a junior lawyer has been identified as needing assistance with performance or behaviour modification (whether following a review or not), Lawyer Coach Paulette will provide bespoke, one-on-one services that include:

  • Monthly coaching workshops (by telephone or Zoom) for a 6-month or 12-month program
  • Designing goals (based on performance, behaviour or feedback) and a plan that is tailored to the lawyer’s habit tendencies using their very own “Career Planner Workbook for the 21st Century Lawyer”
  • An evaluation of specific encounters at work to determine the best course of action to take by utilizing behavioural based approaches and assessments
  • Developing principles or strategies that can be repeated
  • Designing an effective approach for any setbacks they’ve had and implementing necessary course correction
  • Learning to accept counsel from their peers with courage
  • Gathering their accomplishments so they can build confidence that supports their goals by using “The 21st Century Lawyer’s Guide to Creating a Portfolio of Accomplishments”
  • Developing their brand after an assessment of their personal values and strengths, and understanding how that brand shows up at work, with their clients and colleagues
  • Professionalism Hours accredited by the Law Society of Ontario

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