The Art & Science of Résumé and Cover Letter Writing

For Mid-Level Lawyers (5-7 years)

Do you struggle to put together a résumé and cover letter for a job ad that stands out from the crowd?

 Do you want to benefit from the knowledge of a certified résumé strategist who works exclusively with lawyers?

As a mid-level lawyer, you will be empowered to put together application materials in response to job postings that allow you to stand out. Lawyer Coach Paulette will work with a job posting during a group workshop to show you her proven strategies for dealing with ‘elephants in the room.’

Here’s where the program gets even better: the job posting will be real! Yes, the posting will be recent, but scrubbed for confidentiality, since the hiring lawyer (responsible for the posting) will be providing feedback to Paulette about the materials she has drafted. You’ll get insider information too!!

After the group workshop is complete, you’ll work one-on-one with Lawyer Coach Paulette during a one-hour session to go over your materials and deal with any specific challenges you may have.

You will walk away with:

  1. The sample résumé and cover letter that Paulette drafted, which was approved by the hiring lawyer responsible for the job posting.
  2. A system to decide when to apply to a posting and how to write a killer cover letter.
  3. Access to Paulette’s library of resources, which contains 20+ guides on topics including interview preparation, checklists for résumé and cover letters, and how to use LinkedIn for a job search.
  4. Tailored feedback from Paulette on materials that you submit for your one-on-one session.

“With the previous version of my résumé, I would maybe get interviews for 40% of the jobs I applied for and with yours it was easily more than 80%. And thinking more about story telling (adding, “for example” when I was talking about my experience) clearly made a difference, because when I started doing that, I started getting 2nd and 3rd interviews.”

– Junior litigator who transitioned practice areas

There are 20 EDI minutes.

There are 2 hours and 40 minutes of Professionalism.

*The workshop will be recorded and available for download.

Program Details:

Date: April 4, 2024: 4-5:30 pm – group workshop on Zoom led by Lawyer Coach Paulette (the session will be recorded for those who miss it or just want a copy).

Individual sessions:  One-on-one sessions with Paulette will take place by May 24, 2024 using Zoom.  To prepare for these, you will be expected to submit materials that respond to the job posting used by Paulette or materials in response to a posting of your choice.

Eligibility: This program has been designed for mid-level lawyers (i.e., 5-7 years of experience).

Registration fee: $1100+hst for the group workshop (November 16, 2023), as well as the one-hour individual session with Lawyer Coach Paulette. This is a deep discount compared to working with her one-on-one, which would cost $2500+hst.  Early bird pricing of $880+hst is available until March 15, 2024.