Who is the 21st Century Lawyer?

“I certainly could not have made it through the past 6 months without your coaching and support. You are excellent at what you do, and your coaching was exactly what I needed to have the strength and courage to take the leap. It is like I said a few months ago, I always feel so empowered after our sessions! Thank you, Paulette.”

– Partner, Bay Street Firm

Who is the 21st Century Lawyer?

You are since you’re reading this website! You probably appreciate the benefits of collaborating with someone who will honour your own thought process, move you beyond any challenges, motivate you to keep going, and keep you accountable to your goals.

Ultimately, the 21st Century Lawyer is keen on carving their own career path, on their own terms.

The 21st Century Lawyer is always looking to improve something whether in their practice or in their job search. The 21st Century Lawyer will work hard to accomplish their goals.

Specifically, Creative Choices™ clients tend to (in no particular order and not conjunctively either:)

  • Want to be more business-minded about their practice.
  • Want to (re) define the parameters of their practice.
  • Want to enhance their clients’ experience.
  • Feel the need to broaden their soft skills.
  • Want to advance in their career and design a strategic plan of getting there.
  • Want to assess an opportunity before seizing it – whether it’s a job prospect or business-related matter.
  • Benefit from using Lawyer Coach Paulette as a soundboard for litigation strategy, submissions, speeches or presentations.

So, are you a 21st Century Lawyer? Contact Lawyer Coach Paulette to learn how Creative Choices™ can become your winning strategy!

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